Pineapple Press Patterns :: Helping You Make Beautiful Quilts


Pineapple Press Patterns :: Helping You Make Beautiful Quilts

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Grandma Linderoth's Hankies. The first Pineapple Press Pattern.

Welcome to Pineapple Press Patterns!

My goal is to help you learn how to make memorable quilts that are easy and fun! The patterns are simple to use and designed for every skill level: Beginner to the Most Experienced Quilters.

You will find a complete listing of the Pineapple Press Patterns which you may purchase on-line. If you are a quilt shop, wholesale pricing is available by contacting us through the website.

In addition to the patterns, you will also find Lectures & Workshops that are available. Coming directly to you to share my stories and quilts, is one of my favorite things to do!

Groups are welcome to schedule their own personal retreats!

Please contact us for more information.

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Pineapple Press Patterns
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